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Glasses will not cure color-blindness, much as reading glasses won’t cure farsightedness. But a true cure could someday come in the form of gene therapy to deliver functional genes to the color-responsive cells in the retina.

Colorblindness occurs when the color-related cones in the retina overlap. These cones are responsible for processing wavelengths. When overlap happens, the brain cannot accurately respond to the wavelengths, making it impossible to differentiate or even see certain colors.

There are many different types of color blindness, and they differ based on how individuals perceive color. One of the most common is dichromatism, often referred to as red-green color blindness.

We enhanced the red-green singal lens technolgy, improved significant effect.
Color glasses aren’t a cure for color blindness. Once you take the glasses off, the world will look the way it did before. Some people who try the glasses experience an immediate, dramatic result.

-They really do work!
I bought these for my son who is color blind …he was amazed at the his ability to see colors so differently than he could without them! He also passed all the color blind tests we gave him with them on!

-This product WORKS! You will not be disappointed
Bought as a present. Glasses arrived the next day. My 16 years old nephew was able to see color fornthe first time in his life. The response from his expression was priceless. Would recommend these to anyone.

-Amazing! Take a chance on these!
I got these for my boyfriend who is red-green colorblind (mild-protan). He put them on and was absolutely amazed. He never takes them off… like he literally watches TV with them. He thinks trees are amazing and the fall tree colors blast to watch him experience. If your hesitant, just get them.

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The most common kinds of color blindness are genetic, meaning they’re passed down from parents. Color blindness can also happen because of damage to your eye or your brain. Sometimes, problems with color vision are due to a disease affecting your optic nerve, such as glaucoma. Poor color vision can also be the result of an inherited problem with the cones (color-sensitive photoreceptors) in your retina.

To ensure optimal effectiveness, wear the lens for at least 10 hours in a variety of situations over the course of 1-2 weeks.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Our glasses has Ultra-Flexible Frame design,so if you have a large wide face,it’s comfortable. Don’t worry about that.

After wearing, the colors of the objects looked different.
However, Green and Red, which could not be distinguished before wearing

Yes,wears them when you needs them. it help to identify the colors better without guessing.

Yes, these glasses will work for shade blindness.

This works great. The glasses both effective indoors and outdoor.

Our  glasses enhance both blue and red colours.

we have user manual in package,when you received package,please kindly read the manual first.


Most frequent questions and answers

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We happily refunds your money based on our refund policy. You may want to explore the idea of testing the recipients eyes for color blindness type. There are sever different types of color blindness within the red/green and blue/yellow spectrum. If you don’t identify the proper type, then you can’t get the correct lenses.we support 60 days risk free.

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